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Web3 Growth Podcast: Quinn Campbell (Sky Mavis) & Justin Vogel (Safary)

Web3 Growth Podcast: Quinn Campbell (Sky Mavis) & Justin Vogel (Safary)

A new kind of podcast by growth leaders, for growth leaders 🦁

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Welcome to the first episode of the Web3 Growth Podcast! Join your hosts Justin Vogel, co-founder of Safary, and Quinn Campbell, VP of Growth at Sky Mavis, as they take you behind the scenes of web3's growth dynamics.

Justin and Quinn start off this season with an in-depth interview of each other! Get to know your guides as they share their personal stories, from their unique backgrounds in area studies - China and the Middle East - to their current roles spearheading growth strategies at two leading web3 companies. Justin at Safary, the burgeoning tech product taking on attribution in web3, and Quinn at Sky Mavis, the developers behind web3's largest game, Axie Infinity.

Dive into a conversation that goes beyond the usual narratives and into the heart of what it means to drive growth in this exciting new world. How do you navigate the challenges, develop tech stacks, and implement strategies that work in the wild world of web3?

Justin reflects on how studying the Middle East has broadened his perspective and deepened his understanding of how history, culture, and communities shape society. A crucial aspect of growth is understanding people and systems, after all.

Quinn shares his fascinating journey through Asia and traditional mobile games publishing, working with young, ambitious studios and realizing the disheartening realities of the games distribution industry.

This episode is a candid, insightful exploration of the hosts' unique journeys and their strategies for growing B2B and B2C companies in web3. From identifying gaps in traditional industries to implementing strategies in the dynamic web3 landscape, this is a must-listen for anyone interested in the future of digital growth.

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Growing Web3 by Safary 🦁
Web3 Growth Podcast by Safary Club 🦁
Growth leaders will play an outsized role on the future of web3. From deciding which wallets (if any!) to include in their onboarding flow, to how much customer data should be collected, the growth strategies they deploy will shape how the next generation of great businesses are built.
On the Web3 Growth Podcast, we interview the leading web3 growth practitioners about their growth strategies, challenges, and tech stacks to give you the insights you need to grow your business in web3 and beyond.
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