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How Protocols Attract Liquidity

How Protocols Attract Liquidity

Marketing leaders from THENA, Smilee Finance, and Concordia share their DeFi growth strategies
Larpseidon (left), 0xApollo (middle), and Uri Ferruccio (right) speaking at Safary’s Web3 Growth Summit in February 2024

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Welcome to episode three of the Web3 Growth Podcast! 🦁

We interview the best growth operators about their growth strategies, challenges, and tech stacks to give you the insights you need to grow your business in web3 & beyond.

This episode was recorded during Safary’s inaugural web3 growth summit in February 2024, hosted by Safary & supported by Hype and Saison Capital. The summit featured 10 panels with over 25 growth leaders sharing what it truly means to grow in web3.

How Protocols Attract Liquidity was moderated by Uri Ferruccio (CEO at Concordia - a multi-chain modular risk & collateral protocol) and features:

  • Larpseidon, CMO at Smilee Finance - derivatives platform that created “Impermanent Gain,” the first DeFi native convex payoff

  • 0xApollo, CMO at THENA - native liquidity layer & AMM on BNB chain

In this dynamic episode, Uri dives into the pressing question of airdrops and their necessity for successful token launches, while Larpseidon shares insights into creating sticky user engagement through transparent yield strategies. 0xApollo discusses the challenges and strategies of attracting high-quality, lasting liquidity amidst the resurgence of the market.

The conversation also tackles emerging trends like how app chains and cross-chain operations are shaping the future of liquidity and user engagement. From attracting the elusive "whale" investors to engaging with communities through innovative communication strategies, this episode is packed with expert insights.

Whether you're a growth leader, DeFi expert, or just curious about the future of finance, this episode is packed with invaluable insights that you won't want to miss!

Episode Timeline

[00:01:48] Introductions from 0xApollo, Larpseidon, and Uri Ferruccio

[00:03:54] How protocols attract liquidity considering perspectives from investors, operators of blockchain chains and protocol developers

[00:04:41] How to capture attention in a competitive market, emphasizing the challenge of maintaining audience engagement amidst various distractions

[00:05:11] The significance of airdrops in attracting users to protocols, highlighting the common trend of unsuccessful attempts to launch without them and the need for sustainable growth

[00:05:57] Continuous organic marketing by offering rewards through “Zealy Quests” to engage and retain loyal users

[00:07:01] True user stickiness in DeFi as more reliant on product quality than point systems

[00:09:54] Challenges with attracting users who actively trade on the platform. 

[00:10:36] Product improvements > incentives, tokenomics and emissions

[00:12:10] The importance of driving value back to users as the primary goal of tokenomics, despite the challenges posed by securities laws

[00:13:45] Building innovative products from scratch to attract larger token holders

[00:16:31] Twitter as the primary focus due to its effectiveness, but with the growing mainstream adoption of crypto, platforms like TikTok and Instagram are becoming more significant.

[00:18:51] The interconnectedness of supply and demand in liquidity provision.

[00:20:52] The challenge of expanding to other chains.

[00:21:48] Prioritizing communities like Berachain and considering spot markets as expansion limitations

[00:25:14] Leveraging a blend of decentralized liquidity and market makers

Growing Web3 by Safary 🦁
Web3 Growth Podcast by Safary Club 🦁
Growth leaders will play an outsized role on the future of web3. From deciding which wallets (if any!) to include in their onboarding flow, to how much customer data should be collected, the growth strategies they deploy will shape how the next generation of great businesses are built.
On the Web3 Growth Podcast, we interview the leading web3 growth practitioners about their growth strategies, challenges, and tech stacks to give you the insights you need to grow your business in web3 and beyond.